The Old Hardware Store

  • The Old Hardware Store in Halstead, Kansas
  • Heartland of America

    Here in the heartland of America, our store is housed in an old hardware store that has been selling hardware to local wheat farmers since 1885.

    Cast Iron Eastlake Door Knob And Lock Set, Russel & Erwin
  • The Old Hardware Store in Halstead, Kansas
  • 'Wreath & Flowers' Cast Brass Pulls With Heavy Brass Bails

    Authentic and Original Hardware

    Today our focus has changed somewhat. We specialize in authentic and original architectural and furniture hardware. We help those who live in vintage houses or love being surrounded by antique furnishings to find that missing piece of hardware.

  • The Old Hardware Store in Halstead, Kansas
  • Large Selection

    We have a grand selection of doorknobs, hinges, back plates, window hardware, hooks, furniture pulls, knobs, key escutcheons, and farmland primitives to go with the above. Our mission is to find elusive antique hardware, lightly clean it, repair it, and make it useful again for our customers.

    Fancy Victorian Hinge Brass Eastlake Hinge Flashed Copper Hinge