1 1/4″ Eastlake Knob


fastened w/ a finger.

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This old authentic knob dates to the late 1800s. Its age is especially noted because of the way the knob is fastened to the door. The 1 1/4 inch black painted knob is part of a smooth shaft that supports a “finger” that is tightened with a set screw. This 1 1/8 inch long iron piece can be adjusted to any spot on the shaft and then tightened with the set screw. The finger can act as a nut or can be used as a latch arm to catch behind the frame of the door.

The Eastlake knob has the typical brass crown. The knob is in excellent shape maintaining all of its original paint. Around the edge of the base, however, is some remnants of paint which was used on the piece of furniture. The shaft is 1 1/8 inches long.

This is a rare find and few are in this good of shape today.

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