2 1/8” Blown Sandwich Glass Knob


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This knob can be attributed to the Boston and Sandwich Glass Company of Sandwich, Massachusetts. It is a hand-blown knob and dates from 1835 to 1850. The Company was incorporated in 1826 and became a leading glass house of the mid-1800s.
As you can see, we have several of these swirled-pattern hand blown knobs. We have listed them separately because each one is slightly different. They are hand made, one by one, so of course they are different. They mainly differ in circumference, size of the base, or in height.
This knob measures 2 1/8 inches across the top and its base is 1 1/2 inches across. The knob projects 2 inches from the surface. The knob is in excellent condition. There are two very small rubbings on the top.

We have a very small supply of the wide-headed bolts that were used with these knobs. Call us if you are in need of such a bolt. This knob does not come with a bolt.

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