Amberina Red Glass Cabinet Handle


3-inch hole centers

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In our fifteen plus years of handling antique hardware, we have never had anything like this handle. Various colors of glass bridge handles come our way, and we present these in this catalog, but this blood red amberina glass handle is unique. The amber color is faint at the base of the handle. The pull is more vivid red than any other color.

This bridge handle has threaded bases that are approximately 1/2 inch wide. These bases thread into the sockets that are pushed into the drawer from the backside. Each socket has a screwdriver slot for securing the socket with the glass bases. Hole centers for the handle are 3 inches apart.

The handle measures 4 inches horizontally (long) and one inch wide at the ends and 1/2 inch wide at the bridge. The handle projects 1 1/8 inches from the surface.

This piece is awesome.

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