Art Deco Brass Door Knob Pair w/ Backplates


c. 1920-1945

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This is a simple, but beautiful, set of solid brass door knobs and back plates.,The knobs are the 2-inch size and use a threaded spindle and set screws.,The spindle is plenty long, so if more space is needed for the door, then the,spindle can be adjusted and the set screws tightened. , ,The Art Deco-style back plates are an exact match. They measure,5 5/8″ x 2″ at the widest point. Note that there is no key hole. Thus, this set,would go on a door where there is no need to lock the door. Screws are included. , ,We have only lightly cleaned this set. We do not believe in polishing wheels,,bead blasting, or chemical cover ups. We do not finish our hand-cleaning with,lacquer or protective sprays. What you get is the pure item as it was originally,made.

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