Bathroom Glass Door Knob & Lock Set


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The reason we are labeling this item as a “bathroom” lock set is because of the turn lock and nickel-brass rosettes and knob necks. Years ago, a common practice was to have brass hardware on the bedroom side and the chrome/nickel hardware on the adjoining bathroom side. This set is an example of that practice. On one side of the mortise lock is the beautiful crystal knob with a brass neck and brass rosette back plate. On the opposite side is a matching crystal knob with a nickel neck and nickel rosette. The is also the privacy nickel turn lock on the bathroom side.

The mortise lock measures 3 3/4 inches vertically and 3 1/8 inches horizontally. The front plate is 5 3/4 inches by one inch. The plate appears to be nickel coated with a base brass showing through. This lock is unique in that it has the extra hole to accommodate the turn lock.

Each crystal knob is the octagon style with the star in the middle. The knobs measure 2 1/8 inches in diameter. The rosettes, that fit behind the knob necks, measure 2 inches round.

The small turn latch’s back plate is 2 inches by 1 3/16 inches. The turn knob projects 7/8 inch from the surface.

The set consists of 7 pieces: one lock box, two crystal knobs, two rosettes, one turn latch, and one spindle. We also include the set screws for the spindle and for the rosettes.

This is fine set that is fairly uncommon because of the bathroom turn-lock feature.

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Weight 2.25 lbs
Overall Dimensions 10 x 8 x 8 in