Brass Bail Pull


3-inch hole centers

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Not all furniture pulls from the early 20th Century have full back plates. Some pieces of furniture supported a more simple style–a sleek swing bail with posts. This pull consists of five parts: a bail, two posts, and two back plates.

The beautiful solid brass bail measures 3 5/8 inches wide and hangs from its posts 1 1/4 inches. The bail does not lay flat, but bows out in the middle. Its ears turn out to insert into the posts. Each post is brass and is backed by a small 3/4-inch stamped brass back plate. Through the years, these plates have been dinged and dented. The posts are inserted into the drawer front and a screw is fed into the drawer back to thread into the post. When the posts are tightened, the bail is secured into place.

We have cleaned this pull and it is ready for use. Screws are included.

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