Brass “Bird” Hall Tree Hooks – Set of 4


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Look closely! That is a bird, or rooster head at the end of the hook. His cock’s comb is below his beak and his wings form the stem of the hook. The hook itself is the bird’s neck.

This set of four brass hall-tree hooks is perhaps the most unusual set we have ever had. They are of the Victorian era, 1880s to 1915. The hooks and mounting bolt, with nut, are one piece. The bolt goes through the wood and is fastened securely from the back with the nut. Therefore, this set probably came off of a hall tree bench with a mirror, etc. The hooks are mounted to the front of the furniture, and when the hall tree is pushed up to the wall, the bolts and nuts will not show.

Each hook projects from the face of the furniture 3 3/4 inches. The upper hook (neck and head of the rooster) stands 2 inches tall.

When these are sold, there will be no others. These are exceptional!

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