Dexter Brass Cabinet Turn Latch


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This cabinet latch is new-old-stock.  It was made by The National Brass Company of  Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Some people call these “cylinder latches” because the plunger that locks the door, is in a cylinder that is mortised into the door.

According the the original instructions, one bores a 7/8-inch hole, 1 3/8 inches deep into the door’s edge. The mechanism is placed in the door so that the end of the plunger is flush with the edge of the door.  The knob and spindle are then put into place.

The back plate, that is fastened to the surface, measures 1 3/4 inches by one inch.  The oval knob measures one inch by 1/2 inch.  The knob and back plate project 7/8 inch from the surface.  The small keeper that is mounted on the frame which accepts the plunger is 1 1/8 inches by  5/8 inch.

Screws and the original instructions will be included.

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Overall Dimensions 5 x 4 x 4 in