Brass Eastlake Shutter Bar Latch


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During the late 1800s, from which this latch comes, homes might have window shutters. At the end of the day, when the shutters were closed, a latch such as this was used to keep the shutters from easing open again. ,This beautiful, heavily decorated latch is Eastlake (1870-1890) and shows off its trademark with the small daisy on the keeper. On the right shutter the latch part with the bar was fastened, and on the left shutter, the keeper was fastened. When the shutters were pulled shut and the bar was placed in the keeper, the shutters could not expand any farther than 1/2 inch apart. This old piece of hardware is difficult to find together. We find one half or the other. Each back plate measures 1 7/8 inches by 7/8 inches. Brass screws are included. The Old Hardware Store carries only original old hardware.

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