Brass Icebox Hinges – Set of 6


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This is a neat set of brass icebox hinges. They were originally nickel plated, but the nickel has rubbed off and the base brass now shows. They are solid and heavy, measuring 3/16 inch thick. This set of six is for the 3/8-inch off-set doors.
The smaller wings, that mount on the box, measures 2 1/2 inches vertically and 1 1/4 inches wide. The larger wings, that mount on the doors, measure 2 inches vertically at the widest point, and 2 3/4 inches long. There is a 3/8-inch off set between the two halves.
The hinges are loose and ready to use. Brass screws will be included.

Additional information

Weight 1.4 lbs
Overall Dimensions 8 x 6 x 6 in