Brass Victorian Door Knob Pair


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This pair was manufactured by the Penn Hardware Company of Reading, Pennsylvania. It originally dated to 1885, but still appeared in a 1907 catalog. We feel this pair is actually bronze because of its deep color and age. Some sources refer to this style of knob as a “drum shape.” The knobs are not domed, but rather are flat across the top and have a 1/2-inch belt that encircles the knob. This pair, called “Daisy,” represents an elite piece of hardware because of the added pattern on the back of the knobs. Only the finest pieces had this added design.

Each knob measures 2 1/4 inches across and 1 1/8 inch depth. The daisy in the center is surrounded by a brocade pattern.
This set consists of two matching knobs and a spindle. Two set screws are included.

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