Bronze Victorian Window Latch


c. 1870 – 1900

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This decorated latch, which reminds us of the Eastlake era, was made,around the 1870s to 1900. The latch turns with a gear-like mechanism,which controls the arm into the keeper.,The bronzing has worn thin in some areas.,Including the lever, it measures 2 3/4″ x 2 inches., ,We have cleaned and oiled the latch. Both pieces are original., ,Care of cast iron and bronze-plated latches:,We never recommend painting or varnishing window latches to keep them from rusting. ,Either of these treatments diminishes the value of the hardware, makes the hardware,look questionably un-authentic, and creates a look not conducive to vintage homes. ,Genuine cast iron and bronze-plated hardware needs to be given the love that one would,give to a prized hand tool. If the piece gathers surface rust because of humidity,simply prepare an oiled rag and clean (rub) the hardware. The iron or bronze will glisten,with re-newed vitality.

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