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Porcelain door knobs have been around since the 1860s. The most common ones that were used in all levels of society were the white porcelain. Black porcelain were also quite popular, and we find these knobs often paired with Eastlake hardware of the 1870s to 1890s. Many of the porcelain knobs were meant to be used with a rim lock, the lock that was mounted on the outside of the door—a pre-1900 practice. To find a brown porcelain knob set is much more uncommon. Why? we don’t know.

This brown porcelain set is special in that it is almost perfect. It is void of the usual scratches and hard nicks that are common with these old knobs. There are about four pin-point size nicks which are not noticeable. These knobs, like all porcelain knobs, have a clay base which is then covered with the porcelain slip.

The necks are cast iron. One knob has the flat flange at the base of the neck which was meant to butt up against the rim lock. Because of this feature, this knob will not fit into a back plate. The set was designed to work with a rim lock.

Included with these 2 1/4 inch knobs is the spindle and two set screws.

This is a fine set from around 1870 to 1910.

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