Butterfly Cabinet Hinge


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This old hinge shows its age and is somewhat rough, but there is no rust. It still has some varnish which we have left. It is in original condition. We have oiled it and loosened the spine for immediate use. It is steel and at one time had a brass-tone finish. It has darkened and was covered over with furniture varnish, giving it a dark look.

This butterfly hinge is a flat one that measures 2 1/2 inches across both wings. It is 2 inches vertically. Each wing is one inch deep.

The hinge was made by Stanley Works of New Britain, Conn. It has the sweetheart mark on the back which dates this hinge from 1920 to 1935.

Screws will be provided only upon request and will be an additional charge of one dollar per hinge.

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Overall Dimensions 5 x 4 x 4 in