Cast Brass Eastlake Drawer Pull


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This small solid brass pull looks like a moose head to Miss Margaret. The drawer pull is quite different in that it is screwed to the front of the drawer instead of having bolts. The back plate is heavy cast brass; the two hefty brass posts are riveted into the plate; and the bail is sold cast brass as well. There are four holes to receive screws for fastening to the drawer, two above the posts and two under the posts (behind the bail).

The back plate measures 3 1/2 inches horizontally and 1 5/8 inches vertically. The bail measures 2 inches across. Four brass screws will be provided.

This is one of those one-of-a-kind items that we run across now and then. We are placing the pull in the Eastlake category because of the shape of the bail. Boy, would we like to see the piece of furniture that this one came off of!

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