Cast Brass Eastlake Rosette


Door-knob escutcheon

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This rosette that goes behind a door knob is posted as being cast brass, but it could possibly be cast bronze. Many hardware manufacturers before 1900 preferred working with bronze. Bronze is usually a little darker or more “rosey.” This rosette has the “Egyptian” pattern which identifies it with Eastlake hardware of 1870 to1890. The Eastlake flower is also incorporated within the design.

The piece measures 2 1/8 inches round. The opening for the door knob neck is 5/8 inch across. It is heavy as cast brass (or bronze) should be. Screws will be provided.

We usually find these beauties behind a near-matching cast door knob or a black porcelain knob. The black porcelain knobs was popular during the pre-1900 years and was often mixed with the Eastlake hardware.

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