Cast Iron & Bronze Victorian Hook Window Latch


c. 1880 – 1915

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This cast iron latch has a swing arm controlled by a spring mechanism which allows the hooked arm to fasten into the keeper. To release the arm in either
its locked or unlocked position, the button must be pushed.
The topknot or steeple on the latch as well as the push button are bronze.
The back plates for the keeper and the latch are 2 1/4″ x 3/4 inch.
This is a very fine primitive. All original

We have cleaned and oiled the latch. Screws will be included.

Care of cast iron latches:
We never recommend painting or varnishing window latches to keep them from rusting.
Either of these treatments diminishes the value of the hardware, makes the hardware
look questionably un-authentic, and creates a look not conducive to vintage homes.
Genuine cast iron hardware needs to be given the love that one would give to a
prized hand tool. If the piece gathers surface rust because of humidity, simply prepare
an oiled rag and clean (rub) the hardware. The iron and copper will glisten
with re-newed vitality.

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