Cast Single Post Pull Pair


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This type of ring-pulls were often found on buffets and dressers. The pulls consist of decorated steel rings fastened to bouquet-like back pieces. This was a very popular motif. We see rings hanging from many different “bouquets.” The back piece is usually thin like a vase, which then bursts over the top of the ring with a bunch of flowers.

On each pull, the steel ring is 1 5/8 inches round. The brass “vase” is 3/8 inch wide. At the base of the back piece is a small hole for anchoring the pull with a small nail. The single post is located just under the top of the ring on the back of the pull. It inserts into the drawer 3/8 inch. A screw is inserted from the back of the drawer to thread into the post.

Screws are included.

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