Complete Set Eastlake Brass Pulls


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This is a complete set—a family that has not been separated. The set consists of 6 pieces–hardware for a narrow drawer (long pull and key escutcheon) and four single-post pulls for 4 small drawers or a combination of 3 drawers and a door. The set is Eastlake (1870-1890).

From the style, consistency of the material, and feel, we know this set is quite old. The long brass pull with the heavy brass bail measures 4 3/8 inches long and 7/8 inches wide. The post are thick and also made of heavy brass. The swing bail is typical Eastlake with lines and sharp corners. The hole centers are 3 inches. The pull is fastened with screws coming in from the back of the drawer threading into the posts.

The key escutcheon, with matching pattern, measures 2 inches by one inch. Each of the single-post ring pulls is a heavy solid brass ring, 1 7/8 inches round, that hangs from a heavy brass post, backed with a square brass back plate, 1 3/4 inch square. The back of the post inserts into the furniture at 1/2 inch and a screw from the back of the drawer meets the post and fastened.

This is an exceptional set. Screws and nuts are included.

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