Double Hall Tree Hook Pair


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This pair is quite simple and rather plain. Each hook consists of two pieces. There is a back plate attached to a bolt and then there are the arms that fit in behind the back plate.

The press steel back plates measures 1 1/4 inches round with two pointed grippers on the backside to dig into the wood. A bolt fits into the back plate. Each bolt is 1 1/2 inches long and fully threaded. Original square nuts are included. The back plates, that have two small hooks extending from the lower side, have a brass finish. This finish has rubbed thin.

The arms for each hook, fit in behind the back plate. They also have a brass finish that has rubbed thin. The arms extend 4 inches from the back plate and have 6 inches between them.
This pair is quite old. They probably came off of a piece of furniture that sat against the wall with perhaps a mirror. We have done some light cleaning.

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