Double Hall Tree Hook Pair


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These two hooks probably came off of a piece of furniture that sat in the entryway of a Victorian house. It may have had the boot box, or seat, a large mirror, and perhaps an umbrella stand. These hooks have the bolts that insert from the front and are then tightened on the back of the furniture with a nut. Each hook consists of two pieces. The back plate and bolt is one piece and the “arms” or hooks are another piece. The arms fit behind the back plate. At one time the back plates were painted. We have left the paint; they have not been cleaned. The hooks are iron or steel.

The back plates, which have a Victorian pattern, measure 2 inches vertically and 1 1/8 inches across. There are two small ears or hooks that expand from each back plate. There is a hole at the base of each plate so one can place a screw to secure the hook so its won’t twirl or move. Extending from the back of each plate is a full-threaded bolt, 2 3/4 inches long. The original old nuts are included.

The long two arms attach to the back of the plate, wrapping around the bolt. They are tipped with decorated tips that are bronzed. The arms extend approximately 4 inches from the back plates. At the top, the two arms are 5 1/2 inches apart.

This pair dates to the Victorian era, from 1870s to around 1915. They are steel or metal with a light bronzing finish.

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