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This is one of the finest Eastlake sets we have here at the store. The set of 8 single-post ring pulls date to the late 1800s. Not only does the pattern date the pulls, but the heavy bolts, that are used to fasten the pulls to the furniture, tell us of their age.

The back plate for each ring pull is stamped brass, as well as the post. The ring, however, is steel. The back plate measures 1 3/4 inches horizontally and 1 1/2 inches vertically. The post extends from the back of the plate by 1/2 inch and is pushed into the furniture. A heavy bolt is then inserted from the back of the drawer and threads into the post. The bolt is 5/8-inch long. The steel ring measures 1 1/2 inches round.

The full drop from the top of the back plate to the bottom of the ring is 2 inches.
The set is in very good condition.

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