Eastlake Teardrop Pull


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This typical Eastlake pull is of medium size. The cap of the teardrop is brass-coated steel and the bolt, that inserts from the front of the drawer, is steel. The painted wood drop still has its original black paint intact. At the base is a tack-like brass finial.

The drop from the hinge to the base is 2 1/4 inches. The belly of the drop measures approximately 1 1/4 inches across. The steel bolt is 2 inches long, but extends 1 1/2 inches beyond the back plate. A square nut is included.

The brass convex back plate is 1 1/2 inches round. We have not cleaned it. One could polish it to a bright brass. It currently has a varnish coating and looks old.

Eastlake teardrops were often accompanied by wood knobs. These are elsewhere in our catalog.

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