Eastlake Ticket Spindle


PAT: Nov, 1872

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This ticket spindle hangs on the wall. It has the cast iron back plate with an Eastlake pattern. The Eastlake era ran from 1870 to 1890. This artifact has a stamped patent date of Nov. 1872. The spindle or hook is very pointed and sharp. It was for punching and spearing a ticket after it was paid. Very possibly, this piece was used in a train depot, restaurant, or retail store.

The back plate measures 6 inches vertically and 2 1/4 inches horizontally at the widest point. The piece projects from the wall 3 inches. The spindle is almost 5 inches deep.

Idea: This item could be used in a bathroom to hold the roll of toilet paper.

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Weight 0.27 lbs
Overall Dimensions 8 x 6 x 7 in