Feathers & Bubbles Stamped Brass/Steel Pulls – Set of 10


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We are a salvage and restoration business for antique hardware. The chance of getting a set of ten matching Victorian pulls, such as this, is uncommon. This set is also the smaller size that is the most popular. They are the size that fits most medium to smaller drawers.

This set, that probably dates around 1900, was made for the commoner. It is the stamped brass with the simple eye bolts and steel bail. Across the top of the back plate are the typical Victorian leaves banked with beads. Here at the store, we call it “Feathers and Bubbles.”

The back plate measures 4 inches across, but is only 1 3/8 inches vertically. The drop from the top of the plate to the bottom of the bail is 2 inches. The steel bail is fairly simple with a small amount of decoration–most of it is plain. The hole centers are 3 inches.

Because the plates are stamped, there are some dings, but, as a whole, the set is in very good condition. All the bails match. All the nuts are included.

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