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It is rare to find a complete set of parlor pocket door hardware with an original key. This 7-piece set is in good working order and dates around the turn of the 20th Century. This set was manufactured by the Reading Locks and Hardware Company in Reading, Pennsylvania. Their logo is stamped on the lock box. The set consists of two mortise lock boxes, one for each sliding door, four finger door pull plates (two with a keyhole) and the original key.

The mortise lock box that accepts the key measures 5 1/4 inches vertically and 3 inches horizontally. Its concave faceplate has a bolt lock (controlled by the key) and a push-button for flipping out the door pull, measuring 1 7/8 inches by one inch. The mortise lock box that receives the bolt measures 5 1/4 inches vertically and 2 7/8 inches horizontally. Its convex faceplate has the opening for the bolt and a push button for flipping out another door pull.

All four of the door plates have a recessed center for pulling the doors open. Two have a key hole. Each plate is beautifully decorated in Victorian style with a flashed copper finish. The plates measure 5 3/8 inches vertically and 2 1/4 inches horizontally. The recess measures 3 inches by 1 1/4 inches. Its depth is 3/8 inch. These plates will have to be slightly embedded into the door.

Screws will be provided.

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