Flashed Copper Sash Lift


Stamped brass with flashing

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This early 20th Century piece has the flashed copper treatment. It is stamped brass with a thin coating of copper and a black flashing finish. We present this sash lift as found. Through the years it has darkened to a deep rich color. We do not recommend cleaning this one because the fragile finish may be compromised. The pattern is the post-Victorian popular beaded edge with a curly cue at each end.

The sash lift was mounted on the inside window, embedded into the wood. If the window was wide, two lifts per sash were installed. The lift has an insert wide enough for three fingers.

The plate measures 3 3/4 inches horizontally and 1 1/2 inches vertically. The inset measures 2 inches across and 3/4 inch vertically. The inset is 1/2 inch deep. Screws will be included.

This item can also be used on a pocket door.

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