Heavy Cast Iron Barn Door Latch


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If you are looking for an old, old barn door or shed latch, don’t wait long on this one. We have never seen one like this and will probably never get another one. It consists of 3 pieces and has the original bolts and nuts.

The latch has a “HC” logo and marked PAT July 7, 81.” The vertical piece consists of a swivel arm that drops a plunger into the ring keeper. The plumber has a slit so that, if desired, one could jam a pin or sham into the plunger for more security. This part of the latch measures 5 inches vertically and 1 3/4 inches across. Two original carriage bolts, nuts, and washers are attached.

The horizontal piece is a hasp arm that fits over the locking mechanism. The arm is attached to a bracket that bolts to the opposite door or frame of the shed. There is an edge lip that can dig into the wood. The bracket also has a anchor bolt for embedding into the wood.

There is a total of three carriage bolts, that are original to the latch. The nuts are loose.

We have only dusted this antique. It is ready to install.

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Weight 1.82 lbs
Overall Dimensions 10 x 8 x 7 in