Hexagon Stamped Brass Door Knob Pair w/ Rosettes and Key Holes Escutcheons


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This is a six-piece set plus the spindle. The hexagon brass door knob is somewhat uncommon. To acquire the matching rosettes and key escutcheons is even more unusual. This stamped brass set, therefore, is exceptional.

The 2 1/4 inch brass door knobs are a two-piece construction. The top is crimped or snapped onto the base. The knobs has a straight neck. The hexagon rosettes (back plates) are 2 inches across. The key hole escutcheons are 1 3/8 inches across. The knobs are in excellent shape, with no dings or dents. The brass rosettes are somewhat dis-colored from age. The key escutcheons are in very good shape.

The door spindle, set screws, and brass mounting screws are included. This set is ready to be used.

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Overall Dimensions 6 x 4 x 4 in