Hoosier Hinge Pair


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This pair of steel hinges dates from 1905 to the late 1920s. At one time they had a copper plating, but much of the plating is gone. This is an unusual set. We have only this one pair.

We cannot say which Indiana cabinet they came off of (Hoosier, Sellers, McDougall, etc.). Various hardware companies made hinges for these cabinets and the cabinet companies used many different hinges on their cabinets through the years.

The smaller wing of this pair is attached to the frame of the cabinet. it measures only 5/8 inch wide and 1 1/4 inches vertically. The longer wing then wraps around the door and is screwed into the door. This wing is 2 inches long and measures 1 1/2 inches vertically. It has a bend or off set to allow for the door.

Screws will be included.

Our opinion: use original hinges as is. When people paint these old hinges, they no longer look authentic and lose their antique appeal. We have cleaned this pair and rubbed them with oil.

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