Large Cast Iron Hook


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Some people call this size of hook a “harness” or “barn” hook. It is like the familiar school-house hooks but much larger. If you need a stout hook to carry a heavy load, this may be for you.

This cast-iron hook has two arms. The upper one extends 5 1/2 inches straight out, while the other one curves to an extension of 2 1/2 inches. Each one has a ball-like end. The back plate needs four wood screws for mounting. It measures 3 3/8 inches vertically and 2 inches across.

We suggest oiling the cast iron for a fine luster. We do not suggest painting cast iron. One loses the aged look when doing so.

Look in our catalog for even larger cast iron hooks.

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Weight 0.65 lbs
Overall Dimensions 6 x 4 x 4 in