Pair Large Hexagon knobs 2″ Dia.


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This pair of two-inch cupboard knobs are the same size as the Victorian crystal door knobs! We have, on occasion, see large glass knobs such as these on large furniture pieces.  Wherever one chooses to use these hexagon (6-point) knobs, they will draw attention to their beauty. The knobs stand 1 7/8″ high. There are a couple of un-noticeable chips on the base.
Bolts are available elsewhere in the catalog.

Please note: We can guarantee that the two knobs in a pair will match identically to each other.  But knobs in different pairs may look different as there were many manufacturers of these knobs back in the day. So, if you choose to order more than one pair, we can not guarantee that they all will be identical, although we will always select the most similar.

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