Shapleigh’s Diamond Brass Plated, Sanded Finish Door Knob Set


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We have a few recently uncovered new, old stock door knob sets,in their original boxes. This set is a brass-plated set, but has a ,sanded-like finish. It is in a Shapleigh Hardware Co. box. , ,Augustus F. Shapleigh, who started in the hardware business in 1843,,in St. Louis, Missouri, was a successful businessman who, through the,years, was with various partners. In 1864, the famous Diamond Edge,trademark was established, and eventually the word “Diamond” was used,as part of other brand products. This box has the words: “Shapleigh’s,Diamond.” In 1918, the company incorporated under the name,Shapleigh Hardware Co.(void of any other partner’s name). The company,closed in the early 1960s. Therefore, this box of hardware was produced,sometime between 1918 and the 1950s., ,The set includes one pair of 2 1/4″ door knobs on a spindle, two matching,back plates (7″ x 2 1/4″), one mortise lock with key, and a strike plate.,All the pieces are in the sanded finish. Screws are included. ,Hint: if you install this set on a door, don’t throw the box away. It has,the old Shapleigh name and seal.

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