Single Post Stamped brass Pulls – Set of 8


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Here in the store, we identify single-post pulls of this style as “inset rings.” The ring pull insets or nests into the back plate. This particular set is large in size and would look very nice on a buffet or dresser.

Each stamped-brass back plate measures 2 5/8 inches round. It has a “bull’s eye” or protruding, circled bump in the center of the plate. The ring with its mounting post hangs from the top of the plate. Therefore, the entire pull will drop 2 1/4 inches from the post hole. Each round back plate also has a small hole at its base in order to secure the plate with a small screw or brad. This makes sure that the ring pull will not turn or twirl in place.

The decorated brass ring pull nestles next to the back plate. Each one has a braid or rope-like pattern. The ring is narrow, only 1/4 inch wide. The whole ring, however, is 2 inches round. The post (at the top of the ring) projects 3/8 inch behind the plate and into the wood. A screw is inserted from the back of the drawer to thread into this post.

The pull is quite flat and projects from the surface of the drawer only about 7/16 of an inch.
Screws are included.

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