Single Sandwich glass knob 2″ X 1 5/8″ – Chipped


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This may be one of the oldest knobs in our inventory. This pressed glass knob, known by some as “Sandwich glass” is almost the size of a door knob. It probably came off of a large blanket chest or other large piece of pre-Victorian furniture. The knob is in very good condition with slight rubbings here and there.
The knob measures 2 inches across the top and stands 1 5/8 inches from the face of the drawer. The base of the knob is 1 3/4 inches round.

This knob needs at least a 2 1/4 bolt to fasten it to the furniture. The hole in the knob accommodates only a 3/16-inch bolt. One of our standard smooth-headed, glass-knob bolts will work. We suggest, however, that it be an old one to go with this very old knob.

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