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You will notice as you look over our catalog, we have several small old steel hinges. These early hinges for cupboards or boxes are thick and heavy with a large spine. However, we have several listed separately because they vary in size. Some are only slightly different. Thus, if you need several, be sure you look at more than one listing, for ones, like this one, look alike but have slight different measurements.

This hinge measures 1 1/8 inches vertically and 1 3/8 inches across both wings. Each wing is 1/2 inch wide. (The spine is 3/8 inch wide.)

The hinges is as we found it. The hinge we select may be weathered, some possible rust, and with a dab of paint here and there. The hinge could be cleaned on a wheel, but we do not do that. We prefer to clean only lightly by hand or not at all!

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Overall Dimensions 8 x 5 x 5 in