Stamped Brass “Boiling Waters” Pulls w/ Steel Bails – Set of 10


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For us in the salvage business, it is difficult to acquire sets of Victorian-aged furniture pulls in large quantities. Therefore, this set of ten, enough for five drawers, is uncommon for us. All the back plates match as well as all ten bails. We call this pattern “Boiling Waters.”

These pulls were meant for larger drawers. They are stamped brass with steel bails and eye bolts. The more common, well used furniture, had this kind of hardware. It was a cheaper line of hardware.

The back plates measure 5 inches across and 2 inches vertically. The hole centers are 3 inches. The heavy steel bail is large and wide-sweeping, measuring 4 1/4 inches across. The total drop from the top of the plate to the bottom of the bail is 2 1/2 inches.

As you can see, there are some dimples and indents in the stamped brass. Remember that this set dates from 1890 to approximately 1915. So at one-hundred years of age, old hardware will often have “usage wear.”

All eye bolts and nuts are included.

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