Stamped Brass Victorian Pull Pair – 3-inch centers


3-inch centers

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This set is absolutely awesome. They are larger, the size one might put on the bottom drawers of a large wardrobe. The pair is stamped brass, with brass eye bolts, and large steel bails. The majority of stamped brass Victorian pulls had steel bails. These date from the 1880s to about 1915. They have the Victorian-era fancy pattern on both the plate and the bail. This pattern reminds us of a sea shell surrounded by rolling waters.

The back plates are 5 5/8 inches across and 2 1/4 inches vertically. The hole centers are 3 inches. The drop from the top of the plate to the bottom of the bail is 2 1/2 inches. The bail is heavy and wide, measuring 4 1/4 inches across.

The shell bulges out, which is what gives this pair a special appeal. In the past, someone replaced the brass eye bolts on one pull, thus they do not exactly match. The pair is in excellent shape, no obviously visible dents or dings.

We have not polished this pair. They have years of aged patina. We suggest that they remain as is.

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