Waterfall Pull


4 1/4-inch hole centers

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This beautiful pull is what is known as “Waterfall” hardware. The Waterfall-style furniture appeared in the Depression era, the 1930s. Because of the times, it was inexpensive furniture, but it had a definite style of its own. The tops of the dressers and chests had curved or rounded edges–thus, the name, Waterfall. Most of the time the hardware on these pieces, were made of painted metal adorned with a bakelite piece or thin piece of early plastic. Through the years with excessive use, the hardware broke or lost its bakelite adornment. To find pieces today that are original and complete is quite difficult.

This pull is one of those hard-to-find pieces. The metal pull has a painted surface and supports an early plastic inset. The color of these insets ranged from a light amber, almost yellow, to a very dark rusty brown. This item has the earth-tone orange color.

The pull measures 6 1/4 inches horizontally and 1 1/4 inches vertically. The hole centers are 4 1/4 inches apart.
Screws will be included.

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